Another change is that Mrs. Meyer’s does not claim any longer to have natural cleaning products. Mrs. Meyer's Hand Soap, Lemon Verbena, 12.5 fl. They are synthetic fragrances. All-Purpose Sprays With the same essential oils and hard-working ingred... View Details $ 3.99 Each $ 3.99 Each Add to Cart. Mrs. Meyer's Clean Day Watermelon Foaming Hand Soap makes washing up fun and easy for the whole family. Mrs Meyer’s uses clean, bold branding, but they also pay attention to the details. Yes, I'm addicted to Mrs. Meyer's All-Purpose Spray (Iowa Pine is THE BEST SCENT EVER). Mrs. Meyer's Clean Day Liquid Hand Soap is a hard-working, non-drying soap. Against the mostly light-gray background, there is a white stick-figure woman holding a cloth in one hand and a clinking wine glass in the other, a satisfied smile on her face. Together with water, it can kill off unwanted virus-causing germs clinging on the surface and (especially) your hands. Quickview. And it's safe. Total Ingredients: 227 Products: 113 . As the mother to a chemically sensitive child, I wanted everyone to be aware that Mrs. Meyers is not a totally clean product. Product Description. Great ingredients otherwise, but then use toxic synthetic fragrances. How its products rank: 0 products scored an 0.0% 26 products scored a 23.0% 11 products scored a 9.7% 75 products scored a 66.4% 1 product scored an 0.9% Print Share on: Mrs. Meyer's Clean Day Products Expand All It can be used safely on sealed hardwood and tile floors, countertops, cupboards, walls, and much more. Mrs. Meyer's cleaning products are based on a simple, easy-to-follow mantra: keeping things clean is easy, you just need the right soap, and they believe to … It can be used for both indoor and outdoor cleaning jobs. The Clean My Space channel on YouTube has a recipe where they only put dish soap in a spray bottle … The following things are NOT a disinfectant and won't stop illnesses from spreading in your home. It's that time of year again to get ready for some serious spring cleaning. MRS MEYERS CLEAN DAY 16-fl oz Lavender Disinfectant All-Purpose Cleaner Item # 817904 Model # 663011 Takes the basic formula of our all-purpose cleaner and adds a special vegetable protein extract, a naturally fresh spray for cleaning counters and removing odors from the kitchen and bath oz. The first change in Mrs. Meyer’s products as I mentioned above is the disclosure of their fragrance ingredients and warning us that there are allergens among them. The not-as-good news is that you need to make sure you’re using a disinfectant instead of an all-purpose cleaner, which will not kill germs. Or not. Mrs. Meyer's Clean Day. It's great for cleaning, but not designed to kill the flu virus. Free of parabens and phthalates, it is made using organic ingredients, which include essential oils, aloe vera and olive oil. Mrs. Meyer’s Clean Day All Purpose Cleaner Rating: 5/5. Here are some great tips from the inspiration behind Mrs. Meyer's Clean Day--the best smelling cleaning products ever. It cuts effectively through grease, dirt, and grim. But read the label! Not my opinion - this is scientific fact. I don’t understand it. Method does the same thing. The rubbing alcohol disinfects and the Mrs. Meyers makes everything smell pretty. The same effect could be done with essential oils added. A marquee across the top of the label reads “HARDWORKING HOMEKEEPING” in all caps. Spring cleaning list products include disinfectants, sponges and soaps from Clorox, Mrs. Meyers, Mr. Clean, OxiClean and others. Pros: Effectiveness: a powerful cleaner.