Super Visa

Another way to bring Parents and Grandparents to Canada is through the Super Visa program. This program allows family members to come to Canada as long term visitors on a multiple entry visa that may last up to 10 years. A Super Visa is valid for 2 years before it has to be renewed.

To be eligible for a Super Visa:

  • A written commitment of financial support from the Sponsor (child or grandchild) must be provided
  • The sponsor must meet the minimum necessary income (for Super Visa) requirement.
  • Prove that they have purchased Canadian healthcare insurance for atleast 1 year- check the cost for insurance here.
  • Complete a medical examination

Depending on the nationality of the sponsored person, a Temporary Resident Visa may also be required.

Minimum Necessary Income for Super Visa in 2017:

Family Members MNI 2016
2 persons $30,625
3 persons $37,650
4 persons $45,712
5 persons $51,846
6 persons $58,473
7 persons $65,101
Each additional person $6,628

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